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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Take time to Read

Take time to read...it is the fountain of all wisdom.  I like this saying.  I love to read and have books everywhere in the house!  Reading about the ancients is amazing to me because when they talk about wild youth it was no different then than it is today-ha!  And the saying that nothing is new under the sun is really quite true.  Whatever you are experiencing, good, bad or indifferent, if you have a disease or enjoy good health, someone has gone there before you over and over in history.
   Whenever someone dies, I always think how sad and strange that everything just goes on without them and for most, how easily they adapt to the loss.  It may be a natural protection against grieving too much.  So live every day with some laughter in your life and enjoy the things you love.  Tomorrow is never a guarantee.  God did not guarantee a wonderful journey, only a soft landing.  And if I could wish something for everyone, it would be for them to have a good spouse.  Having a good partner to go through life with is a blessing.  You lean on each other and support each other when one is weak, the other is strong.  The Bible tells us that when we are weak, that is when we are strong.  God wants us to turn to him in times of need, we only need to ask. 
  I have no specific reason for my thoughts today, only perhaps that someone has need of the words.    My world was blessed with a visit from a wonderful little bunny this morning who was so beautiful that I did not even care that he was munching on my spent lily leaves.

If you enjoy wildlife pictures, visit our Kerrie's Korner, SC blog at http://kerrieskorner.blogspot.com/ to see many more pictures of our backyard creatures.  We are in the process of printing our first picture book that can be previewed in the sidebar of all three sites.  Thanks for visiting and come again soon.  God Bless!


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Doris Sturm said...

What a nice picture of a bunny - I've been seeing a little cottontail in the wee morning grazing out in the open...I captured a couple of photos, but it was too far away and when I cropped it, it came out kind of blurry, but they sure are pretty creatures ;-) I love all your wildlife photos and I hope your book will sell a lot of copies :-)