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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Okay, Who took the week away??

OKAY, SO TOMORROW'S FRIDAY AGAIN ALREADY!  I have nothing ready to be included in pink Saturday with http://howsweetthesound.notepad.com/ but link and visit all the other wonderful pink blogging participants! I have been crocheting earrings and pins for my Etsy Shop and now I am working on cards.  I love crafting because it lets me escape from the realities of my husband's illness.  He escapes by doing his woodwork and is currently working on a model airplane.  He has built several now over the past 6 months and it is good for him.  We BOTH escape by going to the beach or down to the pier in Murrells Inlet, SC where we watch the fishermen, the Egrets, the goats and peacocks on "Goat Island".  We can also hear the live music that is played on the porches of the restaurants that line the marsh boardwalk.  Sunsets from this pier are beautiful and peaceful.  We are fortunate to live near the ocean, marshes and sandy shores.  We used to throw the Canoe in at this spot and paddle our way along the marsh.  Hubby cannot paddle any more because of his back.  It was always fun to see the mansions that face the water and the colorful boathouses.  Also, it was awesome to be dwarfed by a huge fishing vessel and to view the brown Pelicans roosting on piers here and there.  We never saw the ocean until we were in our early forties!!  Our oldest daughter was in the Air Force and was stationed for a whole year at Myrtle Beach.  We came to visit her and fell in love with the area.  We made it a goal to live here one day and 4 yrs. later, when the youngest child was out of High School, we quit our jobs, stepped out in faith and moved to SC.  That was 21 1/2 yrs. ago!  We have enjoyed every day of it!  No harsh winters, or shoveling snow, no waiting for summer only to have summer be rainy and cold in the Fingerlakes area of upstate NYS.  And then of course when Hubby got cancer, we felt doubly blessed to have enjoyed all these years together in a beautiful place that we are still enjoying.  Two daughters followed and we have 3 grandchildren here.  Our son still lives with his family in our hometown up north so we get to visit that beautiful area but not when the weather is cruel-ha!
  My hubby had his cancer check up today and the doc says Multiple Myeloma is like a wildfire now contained but never out.  He is having a rest from therapy at present and we are thankful for that.  Thanks to all of you who support, care and pray for us.  Bloggers are the greatest extended family in the world!

Mr. & Mrs. Mallard visited this morning and I believe they are wanting to start a second brood.  They are so beautiful and have no fear of me and my ever present camera, even pausing it seemed to let me snap!
I did not know who to catch first, this beautiful couple or the lone Mute Swan that came at the same time.  See him on http://kerrieskorner.blogspot.com/

Thank you for visiting and do come again soon!
Hugs, Kerrie

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katney said...

Your duck portraits are awesome. It was nice of them to pose so thoughtfully for you.