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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Honoring Nelson Jackson

Nelson and Mary Emily Jackson fulfilled their dream of building the best campground ever on the Atlantic Coast.  Mr. Jackson passed yesterday after suffering a heart attack at home at his beloved campground.  The Jackson's will be remembered for all the good they have done in the community of Myrtle Beach.  A history can be read by going to TheSunNews.com/Local 
My husband started working as a carpenter for Nelson in 1989 and though we were "Yankees" we were accepted into the fold.  Nelson worked very hard, wanting to have a hand in all areas of the campground progression and services.  He was always positive in attitude and this is the way we remember him.
The man with the strong voice who greeted us at church and made sure he was at the door in our coming and going with a smile and a handshake.  We knew Nelson the man, not above or below any other man.  He had a giving heart and would always be the first to help a friend in need.  He used to invite a group from the campground and church to take a bus ride with him at the wheel and he would take us on the most interesting mini-tours of the low country narrating in his big strong voice.  He loved people.

My husband was promoted with the company 3 times while working for Nelson and when he retired 7 yrs. ago, he was head of roads and buildings.  His last project was overseeing the addition of a new laundry, snack bar and store remodel.  He enjoyed working with Nelson very much and we always felt we were part of his family.  Ms. Mary Emily is the most genteel Southern lady whom we love dearly.  They complimented each other with her patience and charm and his strong but loving way.  They did everything together and worked hand in hand to create this beautiful campground that many of you have visited since its conception in 1970.  It grew from a dream.
I wrote this poem for Nelson and Mary Emily many years ago from my heart and I share it with you now.

There is a place called Ocean Lakes
Where all are welcome through the gates
Where happy friends and family dwell
And tales of old times the Jackson's tell.

There's something special we feel here
A warmth in the heart and memories dear
That are shared by all who pass through here.

Maybe it's the wonderful trees,
Maybe it is the Lakes and the breeze.
Perhaps it's the twinkle and the smile
The Jacksons give as we chat awhile.

It could be the loon, the pelican, the gull
The sand dunes, the sea oats,
The salt air smell.

No, I think it's just a feeling of love and family
That makes this place special for you and me.
The three generations who lived and worked here
Created a place....Ocean Lakes
That we all hold so dear.
                                  ©Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart

I hope many of you remember camping at Ocean Lakes Campground through the years and have seen it grow.  It will continue on with the family as Nelson wanted to provide a family place for vacationers that they would never forget.


Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

A very nice tribute.

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Beautiful ...

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Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

A wonderful post - so well written.