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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Thanks to Sherry!

Thanking Sherry for helping me with this beautiful graphic she made for my blog!!  I am so grateful to have such a wonderful blog sister and friend! I linked to her site so you can check it out easily.  I just love going there as well as Heidi's, the two of them are so talented and each visit to their sites are a joy to me.  They are so inspiring. So Sherry, you are my heroine of the day, a big big Thank you!

1 comment:

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh sweetie...
I am so thrilled that you loved it. I figured you needed a chair for you and a chair for Bill. Two Happy. This is how I see your lovely porch as you sit and watch the beautiful swans swimming in your lake/pond.

You are just as sweet as you can be, and I am so glad I was able to help.

Have a great Monday sweetie.
Love ya, Sherry