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Monday, January 11, 2010



This was the beginning of more than a half century of Love!  I met my sweet hubby when my girl friend took me home with her on the school bus for supper.  He was talking on the phone .  He was wearing a flannel shirt and jeans.  His hand was in his pocket and the other was holding the phone.  When we came through the door, he winked at me!  He was 6 foot tall and so handsome.  And here was little me, a short 5'2". It was love at first site for both of us although I did not know the feeling was shared until months later!

Two years later, we were married.  The love letters were sent with his sister via the school bus and of course I did and still treasure them with their caring lines and little sketches.  

 I still have the Tai Plant that he bought for me when we were going together and bought at the NYS Fair in 1959.  It was a waxed log and it has grown just like us against all the odds.  It was broken off at the dirt one time by the kids swinging a button on a string and later years by a swinging greyhound's tail.  But it always comes back and prettier each time.  It is very large at present and has 2 trunks side by side.

It loves the temps here in SC but with the freezing temps of late, I had to bring it inside and also an Alpine lacey evergreen.  I will put it back outside as soon as the weather permits.  I really love this plant and hope it lasts for as long as we do!   If there was one thing I would wish for young people and old, it would be to go through life with a good partner, a true Love who "pulls in equal yoke" with one another, as my father quoted from the Bible in describing our relationship! The best compliment we were ever paid was from my Dad as he entered the house visiting us in the '70's and said, "There is so much love in this house that you can feel it when you walk in the door."        Stay tuned for more adventures of the approaching 50th Anniversary and reminiscing...


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

How exciting, Kerrie. Happy Anniversary.

Purvail said...

Just wanted to say good morning on this Pink Saturday. What a great love story. I met my late husband on the school bus. You never know where you will find it.