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Monday, January 18, 2010

Good Ol' Tucker!

GOOD OL' TUCKER, THE MINI-PINCHER!  Tucker is visiting through March with Bill's sister and husband who are camping at Huntington Beach Campground, SC.  They are his "Step Parents" whom he has been living with for the last 9 months.  Tucker is too much for us old fogies to handle with Bill's condition so they took over his care.  That way we still get to see our "child" and they love him to death!  We visited with him this afternoon and boy did we get hugs and kisses!!  He was so happy to see Bill especially and kissed his whole face before perching around his neck as he was used to doing!  Dogs never forget, do they? 
When we arrived back at home, the Great Blue Heron was slowing walking along the other bank fishing and of course we had to snap pictures of that, too.

Every day we celebrate life and we have an abundance here in our own back yard.


Anonymous said...

I love that pic of your sweet dog next to her "dad." I'm a dog lover myself and our girl is sooo spoiled.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Hello Kerrie and Bill my sweet friends...
I am so thrilled you got to see your little boy, Tucker. I can tell he was so happy to see Bill, but you know Bill is much happier with his Isabella girl. She keeps him warm and happy, and doesn't jump all over the place like a banshee. Tucker is just full of it you know.

I so love the photo of the grey heran. What a beautiful sight to see. You have so much beauty around your home. I can't even find many birds at all. My hummer comes and goes, she was by on Sunday.

Bill looks wonderful in this picture Kerrie. He is getting himself geared up for the beautiful anniversary party yet to be held. I can't wait, as I am sure neither can you.

Take care of yourselves. Much love and so many hugs, Sherry