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Friday, January 8, 2010


OUR 50th ANNIVERSARY IS COMING UP and I am trying to create an invitation card to send out.  I am playing around with one of our wedding pictures.  So young and full of dreams!

This was taken at my sister's house before we changed to leave on our honeymoon.  My Mom made the head piece for me and I had gotten a perm in my hair.  I loved my lace dress with the removable jacket.  It had a satin cumberbund at the waist and I even wore it without the jacket to some formal occasions through the first years we were married and just added a spray of colorful flowers.  Sadly, I did not keep it much to my girl's dismay.  I really wish I had though.  So anyhow, I plan to use this picture on the invitation and get them out early so people will have pleanty of time to plan.  All of our relatives live in NYS and it would be a trip for them at a not so convenient time of year.  But no matter how many come, it will still be the most happy celebration.  There were times after Bill's Multiple Myeloma diagnosis that I thought he would never be here for a 50th.  So it is indeed a celebration.  Still young in our hearts,

Kerrie                    Bill


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful couple!! Love the photo on your wedding day and love the photo of you now.

Cath Ü said...

^0 years that is wonderful... Hubby and I have an anniversary this week... 38 years......
Cath Ü