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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


OKAY, IT'S TIME TO PANIC if you haven't already!  It is sunny, cold and crisp here this morning, quite beautiful!  All the decorating is done and the cookies are baked thanks to hubby, Bill! Now I need to finish up hand crocheted and crafted things I am working on for presents. Luckily, our grown children love crafty things and hand made things by "Mom-i" and "Papa".  I wrote the last of the Christmas cards last night and am mailing today.  There never seems to be enough time to get everything done.  We are having a gathering here this friday eve as we go to our oldest daughter's house Christmas Day.  I love the atmosphere there with the kids, relatives and her friends.  There are no gift exchanges that day from us except for cookies we give to her In-laws and some of my hand mades for everyone.  One gal with 2 little kids comes as her Husband is a fireman and works every holiday. It has become tradition.  The 2 grand-dogs are there, also and the buzzing merriment among wonderful decorations is priceless!  Christmas music floats softly through the house from the CD player. Our daughter also displays a beautiful creche crib that she had Bill make for her last year. It is complete with shredded paper bag strips for straw and a lifesize doll for infant Jesus.  It really adds to the atmosphere and true meaning of celebrating Jesus' birth.  I will post pictures of it soon.  God bless and please check back soon.  I love all of my blogging friends.

PS: a friend sent the beautiful rendition of the Amazing Grace light show, I hope you enjoy it in the top of this right sidebar.

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Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hello My Precious friend...
I just wanted to pop over this evening and say hi. I so love the post. Thank you for sharing as always.

Please stop by and read my new post tonight. I think you may know a couple of the angels listed. It will be quite interesting for you to read. I love you sweetie.

Country hugs and so much love...Sherry