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Sunday, December 27, 2009


The Vintage Christmas Cactus has almost completely opened it's buds and you can see the contrast of the fuscia one behind that is still so full of blooms.

Here we all are facing a brand New Year.  Of course we are all hoping for wonderful things to come, wishes to be fulfilled, good health to be restored. Hope springs eternal.
If you are a crafter like me, you cannot wait to get into that next new project.  My oldest daughter gave me a gift certificate to A.C. Moore Craft store for Christmas.  Does she know me or what? LOL! There are so many things I want to do this coming year.  I want to get back into oil and water color paintings, crochet delicate lacy "things" like book marks, glass cozies and doilies.  I want to make afghans, baby things and EVERYTHING!  I will never live long enough to finish all of my projects but they are there for me to do for as long as I can.  Creativity is a large part of our being.  Sometimes I feel driven to make something, anything and feel great accomplishment when I have completed something hand made or when I complete a sketch or a poem from the heart. I may never be famous in this lifetime but my Mom used to say to me, "Well honey, you've done it all, you are lucky." She was very proud of all my accomplishments.  She was there for me when I was first violinist in the High School Orchestra, letting me wear her blue Zircon ring so that it would sparkle in the light when I drew the bow...
  Mama was always there for me~when I went to college nights with 3 little kids, when I was a layout artist at the local paper, when I taught library classes while my kids were growing up, when I worked in the medical field, when I became a Notary in SC, when I sang praise songs on local TV, when I went back to college at age 55 and became a Cardiac Care Technician with the highest mark in the class, when I played violin, piano, guitar, harmonica by ear. I could not have done ANY of these things without my loving Mother's encouragement and smiles behind me!! She has been in heaven for 10 yrs. now and I miss her so very much.  I still end my journals with "I love you, Mama and I miss you."  Her birthday is tomorrow and she would have been 100 yrs. old.

This is my Mom when I surprised her coming to visit to NYS from SC just a few yrs. before she died. She always had a smile!

My only Grandson was born on her birthday so it is still a very happy day for everyone in the family.  He will be 13, a new teen tomorrow!  Wow! 
  Reminisce about the old year and have dreams and hopes for the New. I cannot wait to see what God will do with each new day that lies ahead.  He is so good!

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