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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


JUST WANTED TO THANK EVERYONE WHO HAS VISITED MY HUSBAND'S CARING BRIDGE SITE TO CHECK ON HIS CANCER CONDITION.  WE ARE SO TOUCHED THAT YOU TOOK THE TIME TO VISIT AND COMMENT.  IT MEANS A LOT TO BILL AND TO ME.  GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!  Kerrie  (and thanks to CaringBridge.Org for providing such a wonderful tool to use to update loved ones and friends when someone is ill)


Fairy Footprints said...

Kerrie that is a nifty link I never heard of it, I think I missed this post.

Dear sweety you are a wonderful and giving woman, I think of you and your wonderfully giving husband every time I open my moms fridge and look at the incredible magnet made and carved from wood to capture their little bruiser. I pray for you and your husband daily, hourly, and every chance I think about it. GOD BLESS you both during the holidays.


Scrappy Girl said...

Thanks for popping over and visiting me at the farm! I wish your husband the best in his fight.