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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday Sales!

We set up last night in the pouring rain! But it all worked out okay!

We were exhausted though and were glad we did not have to do anything this morning but arrive - ha!  We had a ticket for free coffee and donut.  The public came early and it was very cold inside when we first got there.  It never got over 60 degrees today and they had the door wide open.  Traffic was slow until about lunch time and then it was steady for a couple of hours.
  We had fun seeing all the other crafters and I restrained myself from spending my profits on their wares with the exception of a couple of small Christmas items.  My crocheted dish cloths were a great seller and I was very pleased.  We did not get rich but we made a good bit of camping $ - ha!  I am glad that is over for another year!  Now I will have items for starting an Etsy shop - Yeah!  We also had orders for pet portrait magnets and we sold several at the show.  So that was good. The highlight of my day was when A fussy little boy in a stroller was thrilled when I gave him my hand made Teddy Bear.  He blew me a kiss!  And I gave away three prayer cards that I made and the recipients said they would treasure them.  I also gave out gift tag sets that I made with a purchase.  I was happier with giving out freebies than the items that I sold...God Bless, hope your day was super!

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