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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Who took my days?!

Where did Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning go??  We have been so busy in the Bill and Kerrie workshop that we don't know what day it is!  We are getting ready for the Craft Show On October 17th and as you can see, our hands are never idle.  Bill has been cutting out the wood in designs that I have created in Intarsia or scroll saw as well as some ornament patterns that are from a scrolling magazine.  The mini-pin is from a picture of our Tucker,  who lives with Bill's sister now.  He was a pistol and much too much for us to handle for walking, etc.  Our shoulders hurt from his pulling.  He is very strong!!  The little witches are sketches I made years ago and Bill cuts the shape out of wood and then I will paint on them.  The Intarsia Fisherman is one or our original designs and he has a parrot on his shoulder.  Bill's counter space and my tray table in the den is a work in progress at any given time - ha!  Neatness is non-existant and non-productive.  But you should see my computer desk!  It has tons of paper on it for blogging, writing my autobiography, reference books and lots of NOTES-ha!  I will post finished pictures of the wood crafts soon.

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Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Sweet Pea!
Good Morning to You Too Bill!
I so love the work that you are doing. The witches are coming along so nicely. How sweet are they? I can't wait to see them painted. Love the little fisherman. That fish is breath taking. I do not know how anyone could walk past your Fall show in October and not buy something? Now just a thought. You need to also take some forms with you for special orders? They could pay you through your Etsy shop and you could send it to them. You may already have forms for that, but I am thinking of all of the ideas that you could have. Do you have a drawing for a free one? Have a basket on your table, and have everyone fill out a form with their email and then you can email and mail the winning person. But then you have email addresses for all of these people, and you can have them check out your items for sale in your etsy shop. Maybe when you first get going, you could have a grand opening drawing, and get people drawn to your blog site and your etsy shop. Holiday shopping is coming, and you have to market yourself, sweet pea. Market yourself. Talk to you soon. Love Ya both, Sherry