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Friday, September 25, 2009


FRIDAY ALREADY AGAIN !  A week ago today, we went to the Convention Center in Myrtle Beach for the HOME SHOW.  I love going and Bill always laughs at me as I go for the "freebies"!  I crave those free pads, pens, rulers, cups and cold drink sleeves.  Each advertiser had candy bowls along the way with tootsie rolls or lollipops, too.  I actually was able to pass the candy up, but not the other goodies!  I also have a free toolbelt, a girl can never have too many of these.  The pockets can hold all my crafting tools or my garden tools when working in the yard or I can fill them with goodies for someone else!  But the most interesting thing I saw was this very large dog house set up in the pet section.  Its windows were set at an angle like the house in the rhyme, "There was a crooked man who had a crooked house....".  Even the roof had a slant to it.  There was a little stairway inside that led to doggie doors to balconies on the side!  It was just too cute so I had to snap a picture.  Imagine having this for you pooch in the backyard, what a hoot!  And children would love it as well, I can picture them crawling around in there having a ball!  The Greek Festival is going on this week but Bill is not feeling well enough to go.  But there is always something going on in Myrtle Beach especially this time of year.  So I will just wait for the next thing to happen- HA!

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