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Sunday, September 20, 2009


                                      Dad             Anne        John 
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          This is a treasured picture of my Dad's family approximately in 1918.  His sister Anne is sitting between him and his brother John sitting on the lawn.  Behind him is his sister Catherine, who was called "Babe" and next to her is his sister Helen (Nellie) in her habit.  Her vow name is Sister Teresina.  Sister was home for a visit and as nuns always traveled in twos, she has a companion with her, the taller Nun.  I do not know her name unfortunately.  The stoic looking woman on the right is their mother, Catherine (Kate).  I also cannot identify the young man to the left of Babe.  But I will check with my brother from O'Hearns Histories to see if he can tell me.  "Nellie" was of small stature, was fiesty, and had a wonderful sense of humor.  She lived to be in her eighties and had that sparkle in her eyes to the very end.  Confined to a hospital bed at the Mother House in Roschester, NY, my husband and I visited her there several times before her death.  She did not like the confinement of the bed and told us how she had crawled out over the bottom if she wanted because the side rail was too high!!  I loved that!  She was a kindergarten teacher for 65 years at Holy Family School in Auburn, NY before her retirement and for that alone she should have a gold medal.  I wish I had known her when she was young and what motivated her to join the convent.  She loved her life there and Dad still called her "Nellie" as a brother would, whenever she came to our house.  We all loved Sister Teresina and I felt I should laud her this Sunday.  I hope you enjoy the picture and a glimpse into her life here.
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