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Sunday, September 6, 2009


LIVING HERE IN GARDEN CITY, SC,  We are so blessed to have so many beautiful places around us to visit.  This beautiful Huntington Beach State Park is only 15 minutes from our home.  It is a very historic park as it houses the summer home of Anna Hyatt Huntington, famous sculptor.  Her husband, Archer Huntington, built the summer home to look like a castle.  It is a beautiful brick house with lots of chimneys, courtyard and beautiful grounds right on the beach.  Anna lived with her husband in her house across the road on the West Side of Bypass 17 and that part of the property is now BrookGreen Gardens.  Her bronze sculptures are displayed there among gorgeous pathways so numerous that it would take a full afternoon or more to see it all!  You can look at these sights on line.  Just put Huntington Beach SC in search and BrookGreen Gardens, Murrells Inlet, SC. We go as often as we can even when not entertaining guests.  These are the photos we took today while touring the castle and grounds and nature trails. 
Looking at the dining room from outside. The room is a semicircle.
                                             Bill is walking through the hall from the castle to the courtyard
Picture on the right is of a wild pea blossom along the trail heading west.
     Anna had both an inside room and an outside room for creating her sculptures and took advantage of the lighting in both.  The indoor Studio has a 30 foot skylight.  The windows in the Castle are situated so that the ocean breeze comes through every room and hallway in the house.  It is so pleasant.

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