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Thursday, January 22, 2009


It is never too early or late for making Santa figures. These are two that I created from gourds that I grew in the backyard last summer. After washing any dirt from the thoroughly dried gourds, I put a white coat of acrylic paint on them for a base coat. Next I place wooden or glass beads on their bottoms so that they will stand. Wooden beads can be glued and the glass beads can be strung on a long common pin and simply pushed into the gourd. I still glue a little to be sure. I then pencil my details lightly. If you are not able to draw, just copy from an old Christmas card, you can do it! Fill in the areas with red, white, and black acrylic paint. If you add toy trees and toys to Santa's hands, paint them accordingly. These measure 9" and 15" in height. As a final touch, I put a tiny white pom-pom at the top of their stems. The picture was taken with them on my Antique Oak school desk that my husband bought for me in Bennington Vermont, many years ago. Directions for this project may be printed out.

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