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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Yesterday's rain

Into each life a little rain must fall....
Or in this case, a LOT of rain-LOL!

I have to keep that little green fence around my orange lily buds as the baby ducklings and bunnies will eat the buds and leaves right off!  Today is beautiful again and 81 degrees.  A little muggy but at least not raining.
My silly little Lilly girl playing with her ball.  She is so much company, I love her!

Just posted my painted lace gourd in progress on my Kerrie's Krafts blog, check it out.

My heart to yours...

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Jenn R. said...

I always enjoy your photos! That's some rain - we are still so much in need of more rain - glad we didn't get hit with the weather we thought was coming the other day. Some wicked weather out there!

I was nominated for Super Sweet Blogger Award and mention you in today's response post. No pressure to blog about it - but thought you'd like to know and enjoy the post perhaps.

Thanks, Jenn