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Friday, February 8, 2013

Spring like Weather

Time goes by so quickly and since my new first Great Granddaughter Sofiah was born January 28th, the time is flying!
8 lbs, 21" long.  Mommy Jess and Daddy Christopher are all doing well, too!

The temperatures are still fluctuating from freezing to summer-like and most days are beautiful.
This is my 2013 calendar that opens out on each side.  Calendar in the middle, address book left and note pad right.  I love it!
    Trying to keep the house cheerful, I change my tablescape often.
This was last month's with Tulip plates and glasses and napkins with crocheted flower holders that I made some time ago.

This month I have teacups, saucers with luncheon plates underneath.  I love the cheerful look.

And the Camellia Bush is loaded with flowers as it is a winter bloomer.

Next I bought Oriental cabbage as they love the cold weather and put one in a pot on each side of the front steps.

Love anything bright to cheer my days.  Here is a silhouette of hubby and me that I made from photos taken at sunset on Owasco Lake NY in 2010...

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My heart to yours....

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