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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Frosty Mornings, Petal Snow

A COUPLE OF DAYS AGO, we still had frost in the morning and temps in the freezing at night.
Then this yesterday and today were warm spring days with a delightful breeze that sent the Pear tree blossoms snowing everywhere throughout the yard making it look like a light dusting of snow.

At least it was not real snow and looked very pretty in the yard and lining the driveway-ha!
And here is the little birdhouse outside of our front door.  The  Chickadees just love this one and come to nest every spring.  If we are on the porch and they want to go into the house, they scold and scold until we go away!

This planter has had Pansies in it all winter and also the Vinca Vine trailing.  Both are winter hearty and give us color all year long.  The bush beside it is also an evergreen and never sheds its pine-like needles.
Thank you so much for visiting and do come back again soon!  For pictures of Robins, Anhinga, Egret, visit our Kerrie's Korner, SC blog.

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Ginny said...

Beautiful pear blossom snow and it's not even spring yet! We have this, but much later, toward summer. You live in such a lovely place.