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Thursday, November 4, 2010


EVERY DAY I walk to the mailbox just around the corner of our street and I cannot for the life of me pass by a leaf or a feather lying on the ground-ha! And today was no exception.  The leaves from the Tulip Tree (Yellow Poplar) were scattered all over the pavement from the rainy day.  I picked up some and to me they look like kitty faces.  So I drew a face on one when I got home.

Tee Hee!  The smaller leaves could be from the Red Maple but are not really mature enough for me to identify for certain.

Hubby had treatment today and it always seems as if the day flies by once we get back home.  Never enough hours in the day. 

I did a review for the new Book by budding author, Judi Hedlund for her historical romance (Christian) and she was pleased.  you can read my review on my Kerrie's Korner, SC blog, http://kerrieskorner.blogspot.com/ .  The Book, the Preacher's Bride was excellent and I am looking forward to her next novel that is already in the works! 
  What are you reading?  Are you a "leaf-picker" in the fall like I am?

           Leaf Picker
                by Kerrie  
The fallen leaves beckon to me
I cannot leave them as you can see. 
I must gather in and hoard their beauty
The Autumn colors are my booty!
With tongue in cheek I write these words
But truly I am bound to a habit absurd.

Hubby laughs when I come through the door
Go to the phone book to press even more
Of the leaves I hold so dear.
Later on I shall forget they are there.

But when I need a number from the book
The crumbled dried leaves that I foresook
Will tumble out upon the floor
But I still I vow that I will gather more.

And even as I speak,
The dried Pansy faces
    start to leak...
From the same Phonebook pages.

I am a hopeless, leaf picking addict!


Anonymous said...

You are right Kerrie, the leaves look like kitty cat faces! Your post reminded me of days when my sis and I would collect leaves and press them between wax paper to make "placemats" when we were kids. I also have pressed lots of pansies/violas. They remind me of butterflies almost! I know your hubby especially is tired tonight. I hope you both are able to rest soundly. Sending a hug and many prayers.

Ginny said...

I, too, just love, love, love the fall leaves!! I have a fall leaf mold allergy, though, which put me in the hospital with anaphlytac shock! So I only look, and don't bring them in the house. I adore your kitty! I never would have seen that, how clever and creative! This would be a great craft for little kids, too! Your poem is too cute!!

Keli Gwyn said...

Kerrie, I've never thought of maple leaves as resembling cat faces, but they do. I'm going to have to draw one on a leaf and send it to our college daughter, who misses our two cats terribly. She'd get a kick out of that.