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Friday, October 22, 2010

Pookie's Grandma...

Pooky's Grandma is back this year in her pumpkin costume!  When I featured her last year in my sidebar, my hubby surprised me with this little wood cutout of her!  I just love her so much!  He enlarged my drawing a little and cut her out of wood.  Then I painted her and I just love the way it came out, blue purse, green socks and all!  She is always in the spirit of the seasons!
And of course She also wore a Witch costume last year-Ha!

And then there is her Ballerina Outfit!

Grandma is up for anything!  I first drew her when I worked for our hometown newspaper in Auburn, NY.  She is a combination of my own Grandmother, mother and myself all rolled into one.  And I do qualify as I am an old Grandma now, too and proud of it-ha!  There is nothing like being a grandmother!  My Mom told me that I would love my children but "Oh those grandchildren!"  So when I had my own precious ones, I told her that she had not told me enough, just how wonderful they are!3 Granddaughters are in college studying to be teachers and writers.  1 Granddaughter is in Middle School and my wonderful grandson is also in middle school.  I love them all deeply and I feel such joy when I see any one of them.  Thanking God for such a lovely gift of living long enough to see grandchildren!

My heart to yours...

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