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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Nothing like a 50th H.S. Reunion!

  What a wonderful week we had spending 6 days on the Lake in our hometown of Auburn, NY!  (for Owasco Lake pictures go to our Kerrie's Korner, SC site at  http://kerrieskorner.blogspot.com/ thanks!)
   We left SC on Tuesday.  We made a bed in the backseat for my hubby so he could lie down while I drove.  We had 856 miles to go.  We stayed over near Carlyle, PA and were pleased with how far we got the first day.  The next day we arrived at Owasco Lake, Auburn, NY about 2:00 p.m. where our dearest old friends met us and showed us around the Lake house that their daughter owns.  They generously offered it to us for the week of the High School reunion we were attending on Saturday the 31st.  It was my 50th!  Where had all the years gone?  Once together, we were all teens again and much giggling and laughing went on.  Everyone looked wonderful for our ages and more came to this one with spouses than at the 45th one!  Hubby was able to last the 3 hours and took pictures of all of the attendees for me to treasure.  I will make a scrapbook just of this reunion and our stay at the beautiful Lake House on Owasco Lake.  When we were dating, this was our romantic spot on the opposite shore.

Trying to get a bunch of Senior teens together for a class picture was like trying to round up a bunch of wild Indians!  So much laughing and visiting was going on that it took several tries to get even one picture where you could see everyone-it was a hoot!  Everyone had so much fun and all the years melted away.  We were all just kids again.
This was my friend Diana whom I met in Kindergarden.
Another friend is Sue who also has been my friend since Kindergarden!
This is a picture of my hubby and his sister Nancy who I met in tenth grade.  Nancy invited me home for supper.  I rode home with her on the school bus.  I met her brother when I walked in the front door and it was love at first sight!And the rest is 50 yrs (52 counting the school years) of love and happiness!!
And this is my great friend, Anna.  We met when we were 12 and started high school together in the fall of 1955.  We raised our kids together and have been close and loving friends for all these years.  I treasure Anna and her husband.  Their daughter is the owner of the Lake house.  And we will always be grateful to them all for giving us such a wonderful memory....
Thanks to all our friends and family who made our visit so wonderful.  Our Son and his family and several friends and relatives came to visit.  It was wonderful for us both.  We will probably not be able to make the trip again with Bill's health so precarious but we will always have these precious memories, just like the song....
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Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

That's wonderful. I'm so glad you were able to make the trip and Bill did well. That's a lot of driving for you! Enjoy the memories.