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Friday, March 12, 2010

More Friday Feathered friends!

I usually share photos of our birds and wildlife on Kerrie's Korner but we had so many great pictures in the last 2 days that I decided to share some here as well.  This squirrel is hilarious, keeps us laughing all the time.  He eats grapes that are in the suet cage so we put Vaseline on the crook and he slid down!  He took over one of the birdhouses making the whole large enough for his body to fit.  We are letting he/she stay there though, as maybe it is a mother who is looking for a good nesting spot.  We hope you enjoy these photos.

And Isabella cannot be left out wearing her necklace--it's a girl thing-LOL!
Have a wonderful weekend!
For more great photos go to http://kerrieskorner.blogspot.com/


Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

Great pictures! I love to watch the squirrels, but we had to stop feeding them and the birds because the seed and nuts attracted rats to the bird feeder! It was funny to watch though. At dusk the squirrels would be feeding for the last time and the rats would come down the tree to the feeder and the squirrels would chase them back up. I'm assuming the rats came back when the squirrels left.

Doris Sturm said...

Oh, how fun. I enjoy taking photos of wildlife here as well. The squirrels are so cute.

Isabella doesn't look very happy. My cat, Middi, always looks disgruntled when I use her as a model - needless to say, I don't crochet very many cat collars, unless asked for.

Have a great weekend!
Doris :-)