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Friday, December 4, 2009


JUST A LITTLE CHRISTMAS.... I am decorating and have a mess of bags and boxes still but feel as though I accomplished something today.   Sharing some of our old vintage things as well as the not so old.  This Santa is one of my original designs that Bill cut out of wood in Intarsia and then I painted him.  I love his old world look.  I have him in the kitchen hanging on the washroom door.

This is a little Reindeer that his sister made for us many years ago and it is not Christmas unless I put him on the porch.  The little vintage sled in the background is one that we have had since 1983 when we bought a house in the country and found it in the attic!  It was the only thing there tucked way back under the rafters and I was tickled when I found it!

This is 1/2 of the living room window from outside.  I display my dolls there in the double window each Christmas and Bill strings lights around the frame on the outside which he has not done yet.  I could not take a picture of the other window during the day because of the reflection but will take one later of the other dolls.  The doll showing is from the very early '40's and handed down through his family.  I put the dress on her and made her bonnet.  Her face is cracked but she is still beautiful!

This is an old wreath that was once pure white.  It yellowed with age and so I spray painted it gold a couple of yrs. ago.  It is really ready to pitch out but I wanted to use it one more time on the front door. 

Every year I fill this basket with gathered pine cones and odds and ends of old Christmas decorations.  I put it on the front porch at the top of the steps and I really like it's welcoming look.  Maybe next year I can give it a new filling.

This is the little tree that we used last year instead of putting up the large tree.  It is enough for our house for now and not a big chore for Bill to have to set up.  I still get every little old ornament on it despite it's mini-size and it is in the living room behind the double windows.  Just enough when lit to see from outside.  Many of our wood ornaments on hung on it and some felt ones, too.  Most every one is a hand made item and I love it.

This is a heavy wrought iron Santa that my neighbor gave to me last year.  It has a hole in the bottom so that you can put it over a candle and then it glows through all of the star openings on his head and beard!  I really like him.  He is about 14 inches high.
So that is as far as I have gotten today.  I will share our wood Santa collection that we have made through the years next when I get them arranged on the mantle Bill made for me in our eating area in the kitchen.  He can make anything I ever asked for.  Even though we do not have a fireplace in this house, I love the look of a mantle with Shaker pegs underneath.  I usually keep my Mother's cups and saucers there but at Christmas, I put up all of our santa's and wood figures.
Thanks for stopping and come again!


Fairy Footprints said...

Oh Kerrie I love the decorations, the reindeer is great. Glad you didn't fall threw the ceiling lol what a funny story, not really that you fell but ya know what I mean lol just how tight the attic is and not having room and then running your foot threw the ceiling, o'well I guess anyone who reads this would've had to of been there to know what we are talking about :0)

have a great weekend and be safe up there getting the decorations down.


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Sweetie...
It looks as though you have been very busy today. You have gotten alot done. I love the Santa you have on your door. That is so old world looking. I just love it. Your tree looks so pretty and the wreath is beautiful. Old things are the best because they hold the most memories.

Can you imagine the stories that old sled could tell us if he could talk? How fun would that be.

Thank you for sharing sweetie. I so love to come and visit.

My dishcloths arrived. I am so thrilled. Thank you for the beautiful card and pin and the lotion, I love it. You are just to kind to me sweetie. The dishcloths will go in the mail to my Moma soon. Some for both DIL's for Christmas also.

Hope you and Bill had a great day. I will talk to you soon.

Much love, Sherry

Doris Sturm said...

Oh, it certainly looks festive at your house...I still have to put the lights up on my tree (my least favorite part) and hopefully have everything put away and the boxes back out in the shed. It does look sort of cluttered in here.

I love the basked with the pinecones and flowers, etc...I always gather pine cones that I find especially pretty and then I don't do anything with them. Problem here is I don't have much room to put anything...

Your dolly inthe window with the other Christmas decorations looks adorable.

That sled behind rudolf reminds me of what I was using as a kid in Germany. I loved my sled for pulling my books and also for sliding down the snow covered hills with...

Thanks for sharing and have a nice evening.

blushing rose said...

Love the reindeer, Kerrie ... a special treasure. Everything looks so nice ... the basket is very welcoming.
TTFN ~ Marydon