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Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Eve

I HAVE just spent an enjoyable hour visiting with several bloggers that I have not visited before!  It is so much fun seeing what others do and how many blogs are inspirational!  Christians are alive and well out there-Yeah!  I made up my own pattern for a cute little Baby hat today, what do you think?

I used a wool blend varigated yarn.  It was so nice to work with.  I used a combination of cross stitches, single and dbl crochets stitches.  I added picot stitches around the face area for trim. 
It got unusually cold here again today only 48 degrees part of the day but lots of sunshine as always.  I haven't checked out the weekend goings on here in the area near Myrtle Beach, SC. but I am sure there will be something to do!  It is so beautiful here along the "Grand Strand" as it is called.  We have lived here 20 years now!  I cannot believe it!  We left the snowy North and arrived in SC with a U-Haul and our Celebrity covered with salt from the roads.  We stepped out in faith and have never been sorry. Our oldest daughter was stationed at the base in Myrtle Beach and we fell in love with the area when we visited her.  We had to wait another 4 years but we realized our dream of moving here.   Are you a transplant from another area than your present abode?  I would love to hear about it if you are.  Thanks to all my followers and for comments which I love!
      See you in the Morning...

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Angie said...

I hate cold weather. Makes me not want to leave my house! I don't like having to take the kids out in it when they are little either!

Just wanted to say I have been lurking around and reading your blogs.

Your crochet is very pretty.