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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Door is Always Open

A Poem
Open the door and come on in,
my Savior beckons to me and thee.
While we have been wandering
He has been there by the door
Waiting for our knocking.

"Come in my daughter, my son"
He welcomes us
Guide our feet along the path
Lift the lamp that we might see
That every path should lead to thee.

         Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart © 8/23/2000

Have any of you read the O. Henry stories:  The Gift of the Magi, The Last Leaf, etc.?  O. Henry was a master of short stories.  My father loved them all and the book was always on our shelf growing up.  The last leaf is one of my favorites.  The woman is ill and has no hope.  The fall has come and the leaves are falling off the trees, drifting by her window.  She feels that she will perish when the last leaf is gone from the Ivy on the wall across from her window.  So her friend has an old painter who lives in the building paint a leaf on the window to make her think the last leaf is still clinging there.  I won't spoil the whole story by telling the details but it is very heart wrenchng and romantic.  I thought of this short story when I decorated for fall and since I love leaves so much, I taped a fabric one to my front window so I would always see the last leaf clinging there....

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Doris Sturm said...

What a lovely thought - I must read some of those stories. I will probably cry - again, but hey, that's part of my aging process!

Thanks for sharing :-)