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Friday, October 30, 2009


HA!  Did that get your attention??  I came up with a way to give a gift without paying a lot of money!  Just buy a popular brand of nice smelling soap, like Casmere Bouquet, Zest in different colors, Tone bar in mango scent or even Ivory Soap.  Remove the wrapper and put your own crafted wrapper of tissue paper, or a print you found on line or a scrap book paper of Vellum.  Simply wrap the bar of soap with your own paper, add a Ribbon and a little homemade tag.  I would love to get this little gift, wouldn't you?? Great for stocking stuffers, housewarming, college students.  Just add a hand towel or wash cloth and you are all set! 


SmilingSally said...

Everyone likes to unwrap a gift.

Doris Sturm said...

Thanks, that is a great tip! I think I will make a couple of those and include a cotton wash cloth or two that I crocheted...voila! ... another present done!

I bet those wrapped up soaps would work great as a sachet in a drawer, rigth?

dee said...

thats a neat idea!!