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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


This is a doily that I have tatted, using the needle tatting method. No need for a shuttle, just a long sewing needle as those used in doll making. I will have instructions posted soon for this project.

Good Wednesday Morning!! Sometimes I am so awestruck by my sister bloggers, I just have to share! Kathy at Katney's Kaboodle has so many beautiful quality photos that I can't describe it! It takes my breath away. It takes me from my desk to places I would never see without her site! Please visit her at http://katneyskaboodle.blogspot.com you will not be disappointed!

My niece, Patricia, http://coquettishfleur.blogspot.com/ creates the most beautiful crocheted pieces I have ever seen. She is extremely talented in the form and execution of her site. She takes full advantage of her talents for nostalgia, writing and creativity. If you like the gentler, more gentile side of life, this blog site is a must if I do say so myself. ENJOY!! Kerrie

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