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Thursday, June 11, 2009


Free directions to make a lovely necklace with no findings! Refer to the pattern and put 8 seed beads on a needle and thread then join to first bead. Next,put one bead of a contrasting color drawing it through the middle of your circle of beads. Go through the left bead on the top of your circle and add only 6 beads (the two beads at the top of your last circle will make your 8 beads. Join by coming through the right bead at the top of last circle,add 1 bead for your center of your daisy chain and just keep repeating the addition of 6 beads and the center bead until your daisy chain reaches a length that when joined will fit over your head. Suggestions for colors: plain glass beads with a colored center, black beads with yellow or red centers, blue with white bead center, etc. Enjoy!

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