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Sunday, February 15, 2009


Okay all of you racecar fans! Today is the day! My husband and I have watched races together for a good many years. I am having to learn all the new names as the young rookies coming up are replacing those I have been familiar with. My favorites were Richard Petty, Davey Allison, and I remember Cale Yarborough! Now there is a young man 18 yrs. old and a new driver! His name is Joey Logano #20. Anyhow, my shared love of the sport with my husband led me to use my drawing ability to do pen and ink drawings of many of the drivers. I have sold some through the years and still have some copies left for us, like this one of Davey Allison. Our youngest daughter and her husband many years ago, got his signature for her Dad on a restaurant napkin -ha! He treasures it and the memory of Davey. So get out the snacks and find a comfy chair. Let the race begin! Gentlemen, START YOUR ENGINES!

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Beverly said...

Kerrie, thank you for visiting my blog. It is nice to see that you are an admirer of Patricia and her blog, too. She has a wonderful eye for lovely creations.

I have never become a Nascar fan, but I do love racing. I am a fan of Indy racing.

I am saddened to read of your husband's illness. My father-in-law died of multiple myeloma. My husband often wonders if it came from being a farmer and working with chemicals all of his life. I will keep you all in my prayers, and I will add your Caring Bridge page to my blog.