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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Here we are in 2009! I have only one more year on my second 10 yrs. as S.C. Public Notary. The years just keep slipping away... I am working on a lap quilt for my cousin, Jean. She likes lighthouses and I just bought a panel with a lighthouse/beach scene and hand quilted it by outlining everything pictured. It is almost done and very pretty. I plan to put pictures of my crafting on this blog and my interests are far and wide. I was inspired by my niece, Patricia. A link to her blog is featured on this blog. You will really enjoy visiting her site. It makes you smile and get away from the weary world for a while. Right now her computer is down but I am hoping it gets fixed very soon and there are plenty of beautiful things to look at on the site in the meantime. My husband has Multiple Myeloma and is fighting the battle of his life. He is a wonderful man and I hope he keeps up the fight as long as he can as I love him so. I will add pictures to this site very soon and then I will give the address out for my family and friends to see. I am trying to find information about a vintage or antique picture that has been in the family for many years. It is shown here. It features the classical composers. Their cameo portraits are raised from the background and although the frame is very fragile, it is the original. If anyone has any information on this, we would appreciate it.

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